Dog Shaving: Helpful or Harmful?

Bottom Line.

Shaving the coats of some dog breeds can permanently damage their fur, and contrary to popular belief it does not help keep them cool in the summer.


The Indian summer has hit and the temperature through many parts of the country can soar well above 40 degrees. You might think that dog shaving is a great idea and can help keep your dog cool. After all, you wouldn’t want to go around wearing a fur coat in the summer.  

Dogs’ coats are designed to capture air and use it as an insulator. In the winter, this keeps the cold out and holds the heat in. During the summer, it holds the heat at bay and helps your dog regulate it’s body temperature. Without this insulating layer of hair, he is susceptible to heat stroke. Think of a bald human head at the beach in the sun: a light hat allows the occupant to be cooler and his head better-protected from sun damage.

How Can You Help Your Dog Stay Cool?
  • Provide lots of fresh, cold/ice water.
  • Make sure your dog always has shelter from the sun when he is outdoors.
  • Tend to your dog’s coat with regular brushing. A clean and fluffed coat is his best defence against the heat.
  • If you must trim your pet’s coat leave at least one inch of hair for protection against the sun.   

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