How to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

How to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

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The scorching Indian summer leaves no one unaffected. Yes, not even your favourite furry friend. Though cats can tolerate heat better than humans, they still need a little assistance to beat the heat.

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A bit of care is all it will take for your cats to get through this searing heat. Watch out for the wet paw prints if your cat leaves; this might be a sign of them sweating as they have sweat glands in their paws. Keep replenishing their fluids frequently.

They generally lie down in shady areas, so make sure to double-check while closing doors as they might be hiding there, and they may get hurt. This is the season for cats suffering heat stroke, so keep an eye on the symptoms. Call your vet in case you see your cat going through excessive panting, being lethargic, drooling, having a fever, or vomiting.

What You Can Do  

  1. Keep your cat well-groomed: A groomed cat wins hearts, they say. Frequent brushing and grooming help cats cool down when nothing else does. The fresh breeze that they feel on their body chills them down.
  2. Stroke your cat with a moist washcloth: Another way to help your favourite kitty friend simmer down is by patting them gently using a damp washcloth or a pet wipe. Feels like a gentle drizzle on dry ground.
  3. Leave fresh water around the house: They can’t ask you for water, nor can they go, open the fridge, pick out a bottle, and drink. They are majorly dependent on you for this. So keeping fresh and cold water bowls around the house helps greatly. Having a pet fountain also encourages them to drink water more frequently.
  4. Make sure you close blinds and curtains during the day: Keeping their favourite lounging spot a little dark and shady is a good aid to help them chill. Close all the curtains and blinds while it’s daylight outside to block the entry of sunlight and let them lay low in the shade.
  5. Make sure you keep flooring uncovered: You often see your cat lying on the kitchen and bathroom floor, right? It’s because they love stretching out on colder surfaces. So there can’t be a better time to fold that rug away that you’ve wanted to do ever since.
  6. Limiting exercise: Active play can increase your furry friend’s body temperature. Therefore, the best time to play is in the early morning or later in the evening when temperatures outside are lower.

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