PetWale Colourful Stripes Martingale Dog Collar

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The Pet Wale Colourful Stripes Martingale Dog Collar with Buckle is easy to put on and take off your pup with the convenient side-release buckle.

It is a perfect solution for the “Houdini” canines that tend to slip out of their collars. It features a comfortable yet snug design that lets both you and your pup enjoy daily walks.

Remember to measure your pet for the paw-fect fit.


PetWale Colourful Stripes Martingale Dog Collar

PetWale Colourful Stripes Martingale Dog Collar


Looser than traditional collars for less fur breakage, tangles and skin irritation. A soft webbing for comfort and colours for a stylish look. Recommended by top trainers for gentle correction. A tug on the leash applies even pressure around the neck, preventing trachea damage. Secure contact holds scared, aggressive, or excited dogs from escape when they pull. Rust-resistant, top quality metallic fittings.

The martingale collar is constructed with two loops—the first loop acts as a traditional collar that has an adjustable slide so you can find the perfect fit for your pup. The second loop provides extra control, so if your dog pulls or tries to back out of their collar, it will tighten slightly without being as restricting as a traditional choke or prong collar.

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