Hazel & Co Chery Bomb Bandana for Dogs

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The Cherry Bomb Bandana of Hazel&Co has all those delicious cherries on them that make your pets all the more yummy & adorable! Made with 100% cotton, this bandana ensures comfort and style. Perfect on all fur shades, this bandana comes with a space allowance on either side to allow the collar to slide in for the best fit.

Estimated Delivery by August 5, 2021
Hazel & Co Chery Bomb Bandana for Dogs

Hazel & Co Chery Bomb Bandana for Dogs


This bandana is perfect for every pet’s fur shade and texture. Extremely fun and definitely one of H&C’s most sought out recent accessories launch. This incredible set is made from pet skin and fur-friendly fabric bound to make your pet the stunner on the block!

Fit Guide
  • Small Fits – Pugs, Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu, Dachshunds, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodle, Toy Pomeranian and alike.
  • Medium Fits – Beagle, Indies, Boxer, Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Medium Poodles, Spitz and alike.
  • Large Fits – Old English Sheep Dog, Saint Bernard, Husky, Great Dane, Standard Poodle, Irish Setter, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Labradors, Mastiffs and alike

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