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Hazel & Co Witty Fusion set of bowties pay a rather wonderful tribute to the naturistic cultural fusions. The bold yet sober shades would look fabulous on your furry pal of any gender and any fur shade. Also, note that these bowties are made with 100% cotton fabrics that are light and super comfortable!

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This set of bowties is manufactured only for small or medium sizes due to intricate fabric components. These come with an elastic strap on at the back to allow easy slide in over the collar. Ensure that the pooch has a collar in order to fashionably sport this ‘one of a kind’ Hazel & Co collection.

Fit Guide
  • Small Fits – Pugs, Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu, Dachshunds, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodle, Toy Pomeranian and alike.
  • Medium Fits – Beagle, Indies, Boxer, Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Medium Poodles, Spitz and alike.

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