Leave your furry best friend feeling like she just left the doggie day spa with the Petlogix Detanagle Serum.
This spray is formulated with silk proteins and enriching vitamins that work together to help detangle fur and loosen knots, while leaving her coat with a natural, healthy-looking shine.


Estimated Delivery by May 17, 2021
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FOR TANGLE-FREE & SMOOTH COAT – Petlogix Detangle Serum is an ideal choice for your Dog, Puppies, Cat and Kitten with a tangled, dull, dry or coarse coat. This hair serum perfectly moisturizes the coats of your pet to reveal a soft, shiny and smooth texture. You’ll want to hug your pet even more!

NATURAL, PREMIUM QUALITY – It is made using the finest grade coconut extracts and other ingredients so that you can ensure a healthy coat for your furry firmed. Our extraction and purification processes use advanced technology that preserves natural moisturizers and lipids for an irritation-free use.

USE ALL SEASON ON ALL COATS – No matter which breed of dog or cat you have, this Detangle Serum is perfect for applying on your pet in every season – be it summer, winter or rain. It can be used on small-sized and mid-sized to large pets to let them have a soft, irritation-free and detangled coat.

SAY GOODBYE TO DRY SKIN, & ITCHING & ALLERGIES – Is your pet constantly itching or scratching due to dry coat and allergies? The essential fatty acids contained in this detangle serum promote healthy condition of skin and hair so your pet will be much happier playing rather than scratching.

COMPLETELY SAFE – Petlogix Detangle Serum is one of the highest grade paraben-free, natural, and cruelty-free pet products you can ever avail. We love animals as much as you do. Each of Petlogix product is safe for your furry friends.

Directions: Apply the serum liberally on your pet’s coat. Brush down with a comb for best results.