Protecting your floors from messy eaters has never been easier than with the Petlogix Premium Silicone Anti-Slip Food Mat. The radial pattern keeps bowls from sliding around while your pal chows down.
It can be rolled or folded for easy storage and it’s effortless to wipe off in the sink, for super-simple maintenance.
Estimated Delivery by April 8, 2020
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NO SKIDDING & FLIPPING: Silicone stand keeps the bowl from skidding on the floor and doesn’t slide all over the place when your dog is eating.

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: Petlogix Anti-Slip silicon pet mat is made from high quality Rubber-like silicone placemat for under pet-food bowls and water dishes.

WATERPROOF: Waterproof design helps protect floors from water spills and messy wet food

PERFECT FOR YOUR PETS: Dogs, cats and pets of all kinds love these neat, attractive and convenient feeding stations. High quality & heavy duty for durability

DESIGN: Designed to stay put, this mat is ideal for pets who are over enthusiastic about dinner. Placing your pet’s food bowl on this mat prevents the bowl from moving during the meal. It can also keep the floor clean by catching any spills. All you have to do for the clean-up is, rinse it out after your pet is done