Trixie Laser Chaser Toy


Create the ultimate prey and let your cat unleash her inner huntress with the Trixie Laser Chaser Dog & Cat Toy. This easy-to-use laser helps facilitate interactive play sessions and provides endless fun for both you and your pet.

Simply point the laser at the floor or wall and watch as your pet attempts to capture its elusive prey. This game satisfies the curiosity and playfulness of your little one, and even encourages exercise.


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Trixie Laser Chaser Toy

Trixie Laser Chaser Toy


  • Allows your pet chase their elusive prey
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Send your pet on a wild chase to catch a bouncing laser dot
  • Prevent boredom while exercising your pet’s mind and body
  • Irresistible moving light sparks natural hunting instincts.
  • The replaceable battery makes it easy for you to keep the fun going.
  • Convenient clip allows for easy access.

Avoid direct eye exposure. Keep out of reach of small children.