Wahl Housebreaking Aid, 400 ml


Spraying housebreaking aid on a soiled surface will eliminate the scent of urine and help prevent the area from being soiled again.

SKU: WSDN10521
Wahl Housebreaking Aid, 400 ml

Wahl Housebreaking Aid, 400 ml


  • Mess Free Solution – This house-breaking aid offers the option of a complete mess free application. There are no complicated steps involved.
  • Safe – It is a safe formula for your pets. Without a second thought this spray can be sprayed on any of the places, furniture, rugs, blinds where your pet has urinated.
  • Easy to Use – The nozzle is easy to use and spray. It is a great training aid for your dogs. The plastic bottle is safe to use and is also spill proof to avoid any kinds of accidents. Just one spray and get rid of the odors.A powerful Solution – Undoubtedly, this is one of the most powerful spray that is available in the market that would help you get to get rid of the smells and at the same time, you can ensure that the same place will no more be used by your pet to urinate.
  • Perfect Pet Care Option – The spray bottle is so convenient to use that it makes using and applying the deterrent a breeze. With one simple spray you are good to go.
  • Train your Dog Well – If your pet is not trained yet and has a habit of making a mess all around the house then this 400 ml house-breaking aid is the answer to your problem. You can now keep your furniture and house odor free with just a spray.

Directions: Clean soiled area thoroughly (no ammonia) then spray with Wahl Housebreaking Aid. Repeat if necessary. On walls or other flat surfaces, tape a cloth on surface before spraying.