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Say fur-well to shedding with Wahl’s Self Cleaning Slicker Brush! This self-cleaning grooming tool features a handy button at the top of its handle that retracts the bristles and makes it easy to wipe off loose fur. Its non-slip ergonomic handle makes it a breeze to detangle your pet’s hair, while fine tooth flexible wire bristles quickly undo knots and smooth matted hair



Designed to penetrate deep into the coat, the hooked teeth of this brush capture loose fur, dislodge dander and trapped dirt.

  • Anti-slip, easy grip handle for safe and comfortable grooming
  • Helps to eliminates tangles, matted hair and stimulates hair follicles to promote growth and healthier hair
  • Reduces shedding up to 90 percent and removes dead hair from undercoat and topcoat
  • Press button and hair removing pad will slide forward allowing hair to fall conveniently into garbage

Directions to use: Start with short strokes against the direction of hair growth, finish by brushing in the direction of the hair growth to smooth the coat


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