Zee.Dog Gotham Ruff Dog Leash

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Voted the best dog leash in the world by Pet Product News International, Zee Dog RUFF dog leash is a design marvel built with a shock absorbent spring to make your arms survive those harsh walks with dogs that think they’re beasts



Zee.Dog Gotham Ruff Dog Leash

Zee.Dog Gotham Ruff Dog Leash


Zee.Dog was founded with one major purpose: to Connect Dogs and People. We design and build products of expression, ones that help make your life and your dog’s that much cooler.

  • A super hook locks when the screw is rotated for added safety precaution.
  • Shock absorbent spring can help protect your arm from the sudden must-sniff-over-there moments.
  • Walk in comfort with the padded neoprene handle.
  • The trademark rubber skull protects stitches for extra-long durability.
  • The larger size is shorter and wide while the small is longer and thinner.

Size Guide

  • Small – 0.8 inches W | 4 feet L
  • Large – 1.5 inch W |  4 feet L