Beco Pets Michelle The Monkey Dog Toy

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Soft and cuddly with hard wearing fabric, double stitching and a squeaker. Every toy is made from up to 15 recycled plastic bottles.

Nature is amazing so we all need to look after it. The cloth and stuffing of this toy is made with recycled plastic, giving waste plastic a second life and encouraging its collection and reuse.

Estimated Delivery by May 17, 2021
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Beco Pets Michelle The Monkey Dog Toy


Meet the Beco Family! At Beco Pets we strive to create products that are better for the environment and therefore all the animals that rely on a healthy planet. To honour this, when anyone starts work at Beco Pets they get given an animal character and they officially join the Beco Family!

People have told us how much they love our characters so we’ve decided to bring them to life and turned some of them into pet toys! Each character is stuffed with fibres made from recycled plastic bottles, which makes them extra soft as well as eco-friendly. Whether your dog enjoys a toy to wrestle with or cuddle up to, our Beco Family of plush toys offers the best of both worlds! Every toy has an irresistible squeaker inside, and it’s covers are double cross stitched making them especially durable.

Size Guide:

S – 17 x 14 x 7cm
M – 21 x 20 x 9cm
L – 30 x 28 x 11cm