Grooming & Care

Dapper dogs and darling puppies get their grooming supplies from Vetco. At Vetco we have a curated collection of dog grooming supplies, with high-quality products and tools from top pet brands. Regular grooming is an important part of caring for your furry friend. Not only does puppy grooming keep her coat looking shiny, but it’s also a great opportunity to conduct a routine health check. Healthy and happy pups have clean skin and coats thanks to good grooming routines. A good routine starts with your dog’s skin and coat care.

 At Vetco you’ll find high quality dog shampoos, conditioners, mists, sprays, detanglers, balms at affordable prices from brands like Happy Puppy, Bio-Groom, Petlogix, Himalaya and many more to keep your furry friend looking furresh. Rid your dog of pesky ticks and fleas with treatments from leading brands. Keeping your canine clean and well-groomed can create an unbreakable bond between parent and pup, so keep them healthy and happy with grooming supplies from Vetco.

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