Serve your kitten a meal that it needs and enjoys through WHISKAS Tuna in Jelly – a complete and balanced meal for a kitten’s vital system. Your four-legged friend’s health requires a lot more than just home cooked food. 

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WHISKAS Tuna in Jelly is a balanced recipe that provides moisture and nourishment for a healthy, active growing kitten that requires specific care and nutrition. A kitten’s love for fish is blended with loads of calcium, phosphorus, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, to maintain its fur, heart-health, weight, skin, teeth, muscles, bones and overall immunity. The wet meal appeals to the palate of fussy eaters and gives them the delight of relishing a juicy, wholesome meal while strengthening them from the inside.

As much as you adore your kitten’s beautiful skin and coat, it is also one of the best indicators of their nutrition & well-being. WHISKAS cat food contains a unique patent-protected combination of zinc & omega 6 fatty acids to improve your kitten’s skin and coat.

  • Whiskas is a complete and balanced meal by itself
  • Just give your pet clean drinking water with every meal
  • Please serve on a daily basis, as per the cat’s body weight
  • Serve Dry and Wet food in different bowls
  • Recommended to feed twice a day
  • In case your pet does not enjoy Whiskas cat food, continue with the mixture of Whiskas cat food and current food for a few more days.

Contains 12 pouches: 85 gms x 12 = 1.02 kgs