How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Bottom Line.

Most dogs require, at most, two baths per month. In fact, bathing more often can strip the natural oils from the dog’s skin, leaving them more susceptible to certain skin problems.

Tell Me More.

Just like people, some dogs get stinky faster than others. There are some dogs that rarely have to be bathed their entire life and don’t develop that unpleasant doggy smell. Being vigilant with brushing is far more beneficial for your furry friend than regular bathing.

Human shampoos should not be used on dogs because the normal pH of a dog’s skin is different than that of a human’s, so our shampoos can cause skin problems for dogs. Medicated shampoos or those labelled as flea shampoos should only be used under a veterinarian’s recommendation. In general, you should bathe your dog with a mild, non-medicated shampoo that is labelled for dogs.

When You Should Bathe Your Dog.

He stinks – When they’re no longer huggable you know it’s time.
Covered in visible dirt – Any visible dirt should be washed off immediately as dogs can ingest it trying to clean themselves.
Medical reasons – Some skin conditions require bathing as part of the treatment. Usually, a medicated shampoo is necessary in these cases.

Some Handy Tips.
  • Brush often, this will ensure the coat stays clean and fluffy.
  • Don’t leave them damp after a bath, it can cause skin conditions and medical complications.
  • Make it fun! Use the power of positive association (treats, toys, praise) to make the process fun for your dog (and yourself).
  • Don’t use a hot air dryer as it can burn the skin.
  • Use lukewarm water.
  • Clean the ears and eyes routinely.

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