Is It Safe to Play Holi with My Pet?

Is It Safe to Play Holi with My Pet?
Bottom Line.

The festival of colours, Holi, is the most vibrant of all festivals. It marks the end of winter in India and welcomes the spring season. On this festive day, it’s best to smear some gulaal and launch gubbaraas on your own kind. Most colours (even the organic ones!) contain toxic chemicals that might be fine for you but can be very dangerous for your furry friends.

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Majority of colours used during Holi contain chemicals like Mercury Sulphate and metal oxides. These chemicals tend to induce skin allergies and inflammation in dogs, worse if you have a short haired breed. Skin allergies lead to constant itching and scratching which can result in skin rashes and hair fall. Inhalation of powdered colour can also cause nasal irritation and respiratory allergies or infections. Really unpleasant stuff!

Like most animals, dogs and cats keep themselves clean by licking dirt off their coats. If their coats are covered in rainbow hues of rang, all that colour is eventually going to make its way into their digestive system. These colours and dyes contain traces of lead which is very poisonous for humans as well as animals.

Things To Remember
  • If your pet gets some colour on them – Always use only pet shampoos which are meant for dogs and cats to remove the dirt and color stains from their body. Never use alcohol or human shampoos on them as it can lead to skin allergies and infections.
  • Sweets are a big No No – Sugar, butter, cream, resins and other ingredients present in the sweets can wreck your pet’s digestive system and cause numerous medical complications.
  • Watch out for the symptoms of poisoning Vomiting, excessive drooling, loose stool and behavioural changes are some of the clear symptoms of colour poisoning. Rush to the nearest Veterinarian immediately on seeing these indications.
  • Keep your pet indoors –  It’s best if your pet stays at home during the day. Take them out early in the morning and late in the evening for their walks. It can keep them safe from some of the rowdy elements on the streets. It would also be great if you can create a safe space for some of the stray dogs outside.

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