Why Is My Dog Still Peeing in the House?

Bottom Line

Chances are you have to get back to the basics as your dog might not have taken to house training as a puppy and is still confused as to where he or she should go pee/poop. The good news for you is that proper training is really not that hard.

Tell Me More.

Most of the time we just don’t communicate with our dogs the right way.


That’s one language your little one understands really well. It’s much more effective to reward good behaviour than punish bad behaviour. We all look for recognition around us and your dog totally digs it too. Always make a big flippin’ deal with cuddles and treats when your dog pees in the right spot, they’ll understand that they’re doing something right. A few mistakes here and there doesn’t mean you’re back to zero. Trust the process and you’ll reap the rewards!

Like many people, animals are creatures of habit. Establish a clear schedule of taking your dog outside after eating/napping/playing and you’ll see your dog thrive with routine. Try and avoid using training pads for toilet training as dogs develop a surface preference and then go around looking for carpets, mats or your favourite sofa to pee on

Things You Can Do.
  • Take your dog out to the same chosen pee spot often and on a leash.
  • Clean up ASAP after an accident in the house, use an enzymatic cleaner (yeast, sugar, water, lemon juice) to completely remove the smell.
  • Rule out medical reasons for accidents if your adult dog suddenly starts peeing in the house.
  • Get your dog spayed or neutered if he or she has a habit of marking excessively.
  • If all efforts fail hire a certified dog behaviourist to understand deeper behaviour issues that could be triggering accidents.

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