5 Benefits Of Swimming For Dogs

Benefits of swimming for dogs

Bottom Line

Swimming provides humans and canines alike with plenty of benefits, from cooling off on a hot summer day to staying in shape. Why not have some fun and also reap rewards from quality time spent in the water.

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Aside from it being a great way for your dog to stay active, while not overheating, swimming allows pets that are usually restricted to running or walking on a leash to exercise without feeling restrained. Swimming can improve your pet’s overall health by strengthening their heart and lungs, decreasing inflammation, increasing metabolism, and improving circulation.

What You Can Do

  1. Swimming is an Exercise: We, humans, need regular exercise to stay healthy, and so do dogs. While making them swim is a good idea to not only beat the heat but also burn off the extra energy, a two-fold summer repellent activity. Double the fun with some floaty pool toys for your pooch!
  2. Swimming provides stimulation: No one wants a life of boredom; continuous stimulation is needed to not indulge in the self-destructive behaviour that boredom often leads to. And swimming can provide you with a fair amount of that. So, a happy dog and a happy human.
  3. Swimming cools things down: Exercising your dog in the hot sun can lead to heat stroke if they’re not properly hydrated or shaded. But swimming can be a great alternative for burning off that excess energy.
  4. Swimming can cure hip dysplasia: Dogs with this kind of hip deformity can find huge benefits with hydrotherapy. While swimming, the buoyancy of the water helps eases the pressure off their hips, this assists the healing process. Swimming can have an incredibly soothing effect on dogs by relieving pain and loosening stiff ligaments.
  5. Swimming is Good for Overweight Dogs: In heavy dogs, providing enough exercise on land without stressing already-stressed joints and muscles can be challenging. With the water supporting most of the dog’s weight, swimming is a good way for overweight doggos to burn their calories and improve their metabolic rate without injury.


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