Know Your Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Breed

As the name suggests, spaniels come from Spain. They were bred as early as the 1400s as hunting dogs. The large family of dogs included a wide array of different shapes and colours, all boasting different qualities to help hunters in the field. ⠀

The English Cocker Spaniel has fairly high intelligence but they can sometimes be tricky to train. These dogs do not respond well to harsh training methods, so be sure to use gentle reinforcement. This breed also doesn’t like being left alone, so consider getting a second dog so they can keep each other company and spend plenty of time with your dog when you are at home. For some, this loneliness takes the form of full-blown separation anxiety, with barking, crying, and destructive behaviour. Accustom your dog from puppyhood to being left alone from time to time. However, if you expect long hours left on its own to be part of your dog’s usual routine, this is probably not the breed for you.

There is one thing about spaniels though, and Cockers are experts at this, – the matter of getting dirty and smelly. When we think about ‘cleaning our Cocker spaniel‘ just remember to load up on shampoos and wipes. Cocker spaniels are naturally mushballs, so don’t expect them to protect your house. Any intruder is likely to be met with enthusiastic affection and a tail wag. And no wonder a Cocker is a pleasure to own. They are known for a merry, sound temperament, they’re loving and gentle and want nothing more than to make their family happy.⠀

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